Water Pressure Testing Gague

Many residents in the Washington County, St. George, Utah area do not realize the power of water pressure at their homes water meter. Code requires every new home have a PRV (pressure regulator valve) installed. Some areas in Washington County can reach as high as 160 PSI.

High water pressure in a homes plumbing system is like high blood pressure for your body. High blood pressure in your body can cause heart attacks & strokes, but if caught early enough and the blood pressure is reduced, you can reduce that risk. If your Pressure Regulator Valve fails unknowingly… a homes plumbing system is at risk. Water using appliances, water heaters, toilets that continue to run and don't shut off, water filtering systems and water softeners. These fixtures are not designed to operate properly above 75 PSI.

Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) located on main water line to the house. Usually in the garage next to the water heater or in the basement

Often times a homeowner will discover a leak from a water heater or a leaky toilets and continue to have ongoing water issues month after month until they discover the pressure regulator has failed. Unfortunately, they discover this after they have spent thousands of dollars in plumbing repair and replacement of appliances or fixtures.

Split filter housing caused by high water pressure

Early detection of high water pressure is critical to your homes plumbing system. You can purchase a pressure gauge and install on the outside hose bib of your home and check your water pressure. These can be purchased at Lowe's or Home Depot or many of the plumbing supply houses. Pressure to this hose bib should not exceed 75 pounds. Anything above that amount is too high.

If you do discover your pressure reducing valve is bad you should replace it immediately.