Monitor Your Water From The Palm Of Your Hand

The DROP Water System

DROP's family of products allows you to take control over your home's water.

Here's How:

Water Quality

DROP’s water softeners and water filters can work with your system to treat a variety of contaminants found in your city or well water. No matter your need, we have a solution. That’s awesome because you never know what’s in that glass of water.


DROP works to protect your home from unwanted leaks and can even automatically shut off your water, preventing water damage to your home and safeguarding you from high water bills. The DROP system will alert you instantly! That’s protection!



All of this is controllable through the DROP App on your phone, helping you conserve water as well. Through the DROP Hub, each piece of equipment can communicate to you through the miracle of your smartphone. You can also receive water statistics and control each device through the DROP App.

Water leaks can cause serious damage and become extremely costly to repair.
Being proactive about protecting your home and valuable has never been ever!

Water Leaks Are:

More Likely Than Theft

Water Leaks Are:

More Likely Than Fires

Water Leaks Will Affect:


Or More Homeowners

Water Leaks Will Waste:

Gallons Daily Per Leak

The DROP App

DROP offers both a web and a mobile app. This gives you total control over your home’s smart water system from anywhere in the world, at any time, on your computer or on your mobile app.

See everything from the custom dashboard, receive usage alerts and reports, find support, get onboarding and troubleshooting tips, change modes, access connected devices–and much more.

It's so advanced, it has its own network.

The DROP products work on their own Local Area Network. Meaning, if you’re caught in an emergency and the power goes out in your home, you’ll still be protected, even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Do more than check water flow.
Being able to see if the bathroom sink was left running is awesome. DROP can do that. But, it can also give you information on when you use water, notify you when your softener needs more salt, or alert you when you need to replace a filter.
Proactively protect your home from anywhere.
Through the DROP App, you can turn off your water, no matter where you are…perfect if you’re protecting a vacation home, or if you plan to be away for an extended period.

All with free mobile and desktop apps!


Our technology has proudly saved MILLIONS of GALLONS of water and counting!

We Help You and Our Community Use Water Wisely

Utah is one of the top five driest states in the nation and is one of the fastest growing. Our population will nearly double by 2065! The need to use water efficiently is imperative to meeting future water needs. Governor Herbert challenged Utah to improve efficiency by 25 percent by 2025. By working together, we know we can achieve and exceed this goal! Visit for more information!


Stacey Lingel
Stacey Lingel
Russell installed a new, petite, water softener in the loft of my tiny home. He was very knowledgeable, efficient, prompt, and neat! Advanced Aqua System's prices were very reasonable and they had a softner that was perfectly sized for my project. I highly recommend Advanced Aqua!
Briar Forester
Briar Forester
I'm very happy with my new water softener and carbon filtration system. I thought the price was very fair taking into account the quality of the system (Blink system) which included installation, labor and parts. Russell was very knowledgable and answered all of my questions without trying to over-sell any one particular product. The whole process was really easy from start to finish.
bj fullmer
bj fullmer
The water softener has been amazing but I would say the customer service from Chris and especially Russell was beyond exceptional. I called them due to the reviews I saw and the reviews did not disappoint. They are 5 stars for a reason.
Cara Warnick
Cara Warnick
We bought a home and needed the water softener serviced. Chris came out the same day I called him. He was professional, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain the system to us. He is now our go-to guy!
Mary-Theresa Dameron
Mary-Theresa Dameron
Chris is always thorough and if I have an issue, they respond in a timely fashion
JD Franz
JD Franz
I wish I could give these guys 10 stars. All around amazing Service and Quality.
Melissa Brodil
Melissa Brodil
Russell was a pro, kind, clean and informative. He fixed the problem with our water softener quickly and I cannot recommend him more.
Chad Black
Chad Black
Great people and company to work with. First, Chris took the time to answer my many questions I had about RO and water softener systems, over several calls. Second, Russell was great during the install, also answering all my questions and giving me posted along the way. Showed me how everything works before cleaning up after the install. I’d very much recommend Advanced Aqua Systems. Professional and personable.
DeAnne Kalayji
DeAnne Kalayji
Advanced Aqua Systems was great to work with. They put me on their schedule right away and when Chris came out to service my RO system he was friendly and very informational. He took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions. I highly recommend using them.
Travis C
Travis C
I would highly recommend Advanced Aqua Systems. Extremely skilled professionals who do exactly what they say. It was a great experience and I love my new water softener!


Advanced Aqua Systems sell and installs only the very best products and technology available. Backed by over 30 years of experience, thousands of installations, and helping customers troubleshoot what is best for know you’re in good hands.

Don’t trust your water to just anyone!

Designed with conservation in mind. #SlowTheFlow